Sunday 12 November 2017

A single wish

- Ananya Das.

Pic Credits- Abhilash Das.

It's like it would have been better,
If I would have you beside me...
But it's fine with what I got,
It's fine indeed.

You make me wanna know more,
You make me smile,
You make me feel special,
You only make me cry...

Sometimes I wonder,
How it would have been,
Having you beside me,
It's like, "I have everything"
But with my fate, "I have nothing".

It's well said,
"That the things that couldn't happen,
Makes you to believe & wish
Some miracle to happen"
But it never happens....

Sometimes, Just to fill the void inside,
I thank God,
I feel lucky as I have met you,
Atleast these can help me,
To not miss you!

It seems so emotional,
I may be turning boring,
But thank you ,
"For being my inspiration for my writing"
Just be yourself,never change,
Keep Smilling,
So that by watching you,
Even I could smile...

I would wish to God ,
To shower his blessings on you,
If I could, 
I would even let him,
To shower some of my part too...

Always be the same,
The beauty within,
Maybe the next birth you take,
Maybe then you'll be mine...

I have a long way to go,
I have a long way to try,
I have a lot to achieve,
But your memories will be with me,
All of my life.

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