Wednesday 29 November 2017

Changing Seasons

- Indrani Das.

Remember the evening,
5th of October,
We watched the sun
Set by the waves.
And as the ocean stroke
Against the infinite horizon,
An enigmatic music echoed,
Began my new poetry.

Another month later,
By the snowy pines,
We watched the snowflakes
Rosettes and dendrites.
And as the leaves stroke,
Your hand brushed against mine,
I fumbled words
As you smiled.

And from winter came spring,
Breathing lives
To the sleepy and snowed,
I heard the music loud and clear,
And of my poem,
Three verses were near.

Then last night 
I wrote one too,
By your bed side,
Watching you sleep,
As I silently whispered,
My confessions unheard.

Now I stand,
With tear drops
Under the rain.
With the clutter ended
My music abrupt.
But did my poetry?

And by your grave,
With my confessions unheard,
You still remain
My incomplete poetry.

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