Wednesday 29 November 2017

How much sorrow can your smile hide?

-Geetashree Haloi.


How much darkness can a candle dispel? 
Burning every part of his body, he drives away shadows,
The surroundings light up brightly;
But he himself remains engulfed in dark...
Still the wax melts and the wick keeps burning. 

How much sorrow can your smile hide? 
The perfect curve in your lips hides your pain,
While the surroundings bloom up beautifully;
But your aching heart burns to ashes.
Still you keep smiling though your heart is eroding. 

How long will your eyes reflect a happy soul? 
Those innocent bright eyes perfectly hid an unspoken tale,
The surroundings are fooled, took you to be cheerful,
But your wet pillow and fountain pen narrated a different tale.

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