Friday 24 November 2017

Echt Patriots

I was there in my khaki,
Holding the rifles brave on my arm,
The cold freezed my sweat,
But, my blood was still warm.

They stood there somewhere
hiding as thieves under their hoods.
Firing cowardly at my bold chest,
The fire balls but,weren't able to pierce my badge.

But as nature had it's plans..
...there came an avalanche,
Tearing the bodies of the martyrs apart,
It ripped off both my legs.
But, the storm though strong wasn't powerful enough,
It couldn't keep me from lying there,
as an armour to my land.

What if i couldn't run?
I was still bold enough to bear the last bullet of their gun.
Before aiming at my motherland,
They had to blow off my immortal mashaal.

Today, years later, i sit on this wheelchair,
My legs are numb,
But my heart bleeds the same red,

My eyes still guard the borders,
Till date I ain't afraid of their monition.
Come and try on me the power of your missiles,
I'll still be holding my flag,firm in its position.

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