Sunday 26 November 2017

The Unsaid Denial

It was a winter's dawn,
When we first met,
Our eyes did the talking, 
But off our ways we went. 

I remember her face,
With that innocent smile, 
And eyes which brightly sparked 
Like the stars away a million miles. 

My feelings were stormed, 
Like the raging ocean.
She was all that I desired,
Although my heart was in commotion. 

I devised many ideas ,
Of Music,poetry and dance.
So that I could win her heart,
Whenever I got a chance.

Oh I saw her again, and
My heart skipped a beat.
I had to make a confession,
That was superb and neat.

Something fell down her purse,
As she walked forward. 
I bent down, to pick up her card
Which read:Mrs...

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