Saturday 4 November 2017


Pic for Representation purpose

Now I see not the light years where span distances and disdain
In the eyes that now no shadow of remorse curtains,
Or when the dead grass between us dreads your feet unrepentant,
That had ten thousand miles away carried your heart so imprudent.

I heed not the kitchen table where dust collects,
Or the blood on the brambles that the lawn now has yielded.
Do the stars, now that you venture another tread,
Herewith align? Or does it bring in yet another midnight?

I feel not my parched throat that bereft of shame begged.
The unflinching sun and the sand that dried my sweat.
But the shadows to recoil begin as you take yet another step.
Your face a lock of hair caresses, and the stars dance.

A deluge to the drought, a hatchet to this hedge:
Your eyes find mine seeking the elixir you fetch.
Enkindle a fire, the ashes; I take a step unshaken,
Starved fingertips once again meet, as the eclipse gently ends.

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