Monday 20 November 2017


The clouds put a curtain on the sun 
Camouflaging itself with the stormy ocean 
A faded memory covered with cobwebs 
Trying to establish itself in my subconscience...
The sound of those anklets reverberates in my mind
Music to my ears it used to be once... 
Now dying away in those fateful rumbles of the waves 
Oh! Nostalgia, what it does to thee 
An unconfessed confession, an unheard song
Snatched away by those waves 

The sky is catastrophic today, the water stormy again 
The air smelling of that red.. 
Did the fault lie in that poetry?? 
Which had the confession of a silent admirer

The angry ocean washed away with it those unsaid words 
Furious at those eyes on its possession 
An anklet floating in the waters
Those rings still reverberating in the air 

The faint light of the emerging sun brings me back to the present 
The clouds are long gone ;  the air fresh and sweet
The music of those anklets has again drowned in the ocean 
And my mind can only shudder when a poetry turns into a confession... 

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