Sunday 19 November 2017

The Strange World She Was

 - Manaswi Dutta.

Prologue: The poem portrays a female (age unspecified) who has only few days left in her hands to live the world to the fullest. Yet she puts up a brave front. Smiles and talks sweetly but has deep sadness within.
She has a different kind of world. Something we simple humans are unable to understand. But , maybe, fall in love with.

art by- Sara Riches.

As the evening aroma of rain kissed soil
Lucid and fringing the air,
Struck cords with distant memories
Through her memory's lair.

Creaking the arm chair
Breaking the monotony of grave hallows,
The window did she peep through
Feeling vivid pangs deep below.

Yesterday was she taught
Life was little, yet, days did she desire
The malign self encasing her now
Cowing all that she requires.
She could feel that spread
From her veins throughout
A smile, though , was ever fixed
And sweet nouns in and out.

The chair creaked once.!
The diary on her lap, golden now, from those rays
Stared back at her
Memories, she has penned down, all through these days.

I fell in love with the strange world she was
Silent but with agony,
Smiling yet with life's mockery
The little world, now, she  weaves about
Deep down in her diary

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