Wednesday 1 November 2017

Stopping by Jorpukhuri

-Anindya Bikas Dutta.
Pic Credits; Pranjan jyoti Bhardwaj

By the waters of Jorpukhuri we halt.
Where ripples rise or fade without fault,
And wild ducks their orchestra continue-
Which the trees silently do nod and exalt.

The old man out to the birds call-
Which do swiftly before him fall,
And gathers a white tide tumultuous
Which does the clouds overhead pall.

And along the edges as we do stroll,
Seeing tortoises with snouts of troll
As they rescind their ascent slow,
For oft has free air taken a heavy toll.

I know how we long to wait and see,
As the beauty in plainness manifest be,
And give this day away to idleness free,
And give this day away to idleness free.

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