Wednesday 1 November 2017

A Tale Of Her

Sketch by- Raveena Sehra

She smiled wide at every passerby,
Unaware that her lips may, but her eyes couldn't lie.

Often, she hid herself from the flash,
She hated being alone, but dreaded the thought of being sympathized.
She somewhere felt, it wasn't her right,
To feel like a snowflake in that land of ice.

It was a realm full of blooming flowers,
But,in her heart only thorns grew towers.

But then she met a stranger,
Who foiled those thorns into letters of a fairy tale.
He felt to her as her soul artificer,
She started finding in him, the cure of her ail.

And it was a full moon night,
When she saw him from the corner of her eye.
She, when by herself, would plan their meetings,
Elated she remained,starting to believe that warm lie.

Suddenly she was left dazed.
The blood in her seemed to somehow freeze,
The ring she believed was her, was beautifying another annualry,
She was left numb,harsh was the winter's first breeze.

As thunder would follow the lightning,
She dreamt of being forever his shadow,
But her life was nowhere better than a no-moon night,
Even the Sun couldn't pass through the clouds,to help that shadow survive.

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