Monday 15 January 2018


-Indrani Das.


I pressed my shirt
And buckled my shoe,
Tidied my tie
All set to sway.
She smiled at me,
Her lips beaming as she said,

I pushed open the door
Held the keys to my car
In glorified fury,
I hastened away.
She held my hand,
Braced my shoulders and said,
“Stay with me”

I hushed my departure this time,
As quiet as it might seem.
Just like the moonlight sweeps into morning
And the twilight darkens to night.
But she held me close,
Her eyes entreating,
“Stay close to me”
She said.

But now once time
Had played its tricks,
And taken her too far,
I wish I had stayed.
For I stand
In the lonely Christmas lanes,
Staring at her window pane

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