Monday 15 January 2018

Going Back Home

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I woke up this morning,
To the sound of nothingness
And darkness engulfs me
I debate
'To wake or not to wake'

Yesterday when you left 
Shattered the very ground beneath my feet
Left a woman bereft of an identity,
Your last name.
I wonder now,
What should my initials bear?

I reminisce the yesteryears,
Afternoons spent under another mans shadow.
He who bestowed you upon my unassuming world.
I shall go back to him now, for I am nothing without a title.

A simpering woman, the good girl;
They say I'm the apple of the society's eye.
But as I board the bus back home, take the last seat by the window,
My minds drifts,
Their judgment shall be heard tomorrow

[This poem introduces us to the plight of a women who has always been under the shadow of a male. She, at first, had her father to guide her through life. And after a marriage that may not have been consentual, she comes under the guidance of her husband. But now, due to the intricacies that life provides, she has to face a situation where she is entirely on her own. What was once an epitome for the society to look up to, is now going against all that she stood for.] 

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