Sunday 4 March 2018

Seismic souls

Pic for representational purpose

Once in a while there would be
Turmoil and waves and whirlpools,
That you can't hide from the world.
At least control the repercussions 
Untill the clouds clear and the sun rises.

Once in a while you would
Hear the call of the wild,
And run headlong into the wilderness.
Just care enough not to
Hurt anyone on the way.

Once in a while you would
Like to lurk in the shadows,
And make a deal with the demons.
Just be careful enough not to
Drag anyone with you.

And once in a while, once in a while my dear
The tired soul would like to
Rest on a comforting shoulder.
Just be brave enough, brave enough 
To cry out for help.

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