Tuesday 15 December 2015

Maa....ek aadat

- Akhtar Hussain.

Certain things can only be experienced not expressed, only meant for your senses to cherish - a touch to feel the warmth that radiates all those positive vibes within you to excite a potential that directly strings all the cords that connects mind to heart. Sense of smell to feel the fresh new breeze of the spring, experience that earthly tinge of wet soil , so is the hot and delicious curry that hits our taste buds and caramelizes in our mouths ; beats n ragas pumping our tympanic membrane, sweeping ones feet to groove and those gleaming pair of eyes, shining like a diamond hypnotizing the admirer, dragging him into its vastness.

When was the last time I saw her ! though the time has passed, it has been like ages ago but going by English calendar three months thirteen days have passed and with each passing day the hunger to see her again goes on increasing .

Maa usually avoids travelling but this time she came all the way travelling 2.5 hrs to see me off at the railway station as both of us knew this time it's going to be long. Sitting beside her in that auto, my head resting on her shoulders, the warmth of her hands embracing my hair; not a word spoken. Oh that journey, I was living every moment of it. I was reluctant to let go off her hands and she was trying to shower over me all the love she had, just wanted it to go on and on.

Time passed like water flowing off the palm, came the time of departure, the train whistled and suddenly all the winds started blowing opposite.  A realization came,  there is so much left to say a feeling of cold and fear grasped me how can I live without her, I need her ; somebody please stop this thing , can I jump , I want to shout Maa please don't send me away. But then I see her eyes replying , comforting with its warmth , assuring of her presence within me "And all I said was see u soon Maa , and all she did was smile and smile" ( quoting- Shyama kamaladas)

The wind got faster , whistle got louder things started moving backwards but  leaning forward from the doorway, my eyes still fixed on her, struggling to capture her as she disappeared amidst those stranger faces. All of these 91 days, I have spent exploring for her fragrance, wherever I go my eyes search for her eyes in every person I meet, feel for her warmth from every hand I touch and visit place to place, restaurant to restaurants to treat my taste buds with same delight of Maa's recipe. From my window when I send my eyes into the blues of the distant sky, I try to feel for the stillness of my mother's face.  You suffuse every sense of mine Maa, but your sight escapes me.

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