Thursday 3 December 2015


- Anisha Bhattacharya.

I was sitting by the window in the morning,
And suddenly I hear a faint whistle,
I turn my gaze to a distance
And I see a chubby lad,
Dancing along his own music
Oh what an innocence!

I was walking along the pavement this noon
And I see an ice cream stand,
I move nearer
And I see a cute little girl dressed in pink,
Crying because her mother refused to give her an ice cream,
Oh what an innocence!

I was playing my guitar,seated near the lake this evening,
And I hear a much soother sound,
The sound of a baby's first words
A music as pleasant as a carol,
Oh what an innocence!

I was praying in the church at night
And I hear a 'kaboom',
I run out and see,
A bomblast has taken place!
I hear the hue and cry,
People wailing and running,
I hear the horns of the police brigades
As they rush in.

I move nearer to the site,
And I cant believe my eyes,
When I see the chubby young lad's corpse
Still with the same innocent face!

I move ahead,
I see wives and husbands looking for each other,
Parents looking for their children,
And moving deeper,
I see the same pink dress
But I see not the face,
All I see is bloodshed!

And then I hear a distinct cry
Among all the noise out there,
I turn my head around to see,
The same baby I met in the park
Now crying and beating his mother's cold body.

I pick him up and walk towards the church,
When I reach I kneel down and look up to the divine,
With only one question in my eyes,
'What was their fault,My Lord?'
And I hear Him reply-

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