Saturday 19 September 2015

Missing Mom

- Mahadyuti Dutta Choudhury.

Mom, why did you leave me?
All alone, in this selfish world?
I miss being stroked on the cheek by your fingers;
The taste of your fish curry still lingers;
I fondly remember those days

When we crossed the busy road
hand in hand,
When you used to laugh aloud
at all the silly jokes I cracked;
When you used to scold me
for not studying enough;

But now, those days are no more;
Mom! Wont you talk to me once more?
Wont you hug me once again?
And for one last time, share my pain?
I have no one left to share my deepest secrets with;
I am strong on the surface, but completely broken beneath.

Fatigued by all the hypocrisy around me
I finally fall asleep at night;
Only to find you
Standing right by my side;
I become delirious with joy
As I jump from the bed
To touch your feet and apologize;
For never thanking you well enough;
And to tell you
How much I love you

But then I realize it was all a dream
And I am shattered;
For then I know I can never meet you;
Ever Again.

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