Saturday 19 September 2015

The Boy from Nepal

- Naba Raj Chetri.

Across the hills he climbed
The sturdy mountains wasted his time.
The boy with blue eyes knew it was going to be difficult all the time
Chances of the new land was getting better with each passing time

Four days sleeping in natures lap
Four days eating d forest grapes
He reached a place unheard by him
He reached a place strange to him

A strange mix of people
Some of them looked like him, some seemed too white to be true
The whites he assumed to be the Gods
He had reached the abode of the Gods

The Gods spoke a language unheard by him
They travelled inside a farty animal unseen by him
The brown people spoke a language familiar to him
The Gods would beat them and were very mean

The brown folks were kind to him all along
They let him stay with them a month long.
New facts he learnt from them
It was no Gods abode, but the place he was searching for "Hindustan"

The Gods he met were evil humans
They captured all over the nation of these brown folks
Shockingly the strange animals who farted were not animals
The brown folks knew this as cars

This people had lost all grace
Not a sign of hope was visible in their face
Tortured, they bore it all along
Their soul was leaving their body like a sad song

The boy with blue eyes, had come with a ray of hope
To live in the land his ancestors always told
Where he knew wise man lived
Living by the principle of scriptures is all they did

The ground reality shook him
Labour was valueless
Hard work went regardless
No, this land had no aura of its bygone times

Disgruntled he turned for home
To return to the place he had vowed never to return
No his village, didn't had good roads or cars
But happy he was, after all here he was his own LORD

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