Saturday 2 July 2016


-Jitupan Talukdar.

There is this, brook of pain, in my heart,
Through my eyes, let it flow....
Walking like a dead, I don't need a soul,
Won't share my grief, let me bear it alone.

My heartbeats, already were so slow and stale....
Afraid of leaving the corners of my heart's veil.
Oh God why would you let her take away my breath and the light so bright?
As now I am left, succumbed to the darkness of the night.

There was nothing to be gained....
Started losing all I had instead;
That pain of separation, still fresh on my palms...
While these words were what my heart lamented.

Those memories preserved under my eyelashes,
I so want to live them forever....
But all these seem so futile now,
As you separated yourself afar.

How to convey that I am crumbling down with each passing moment...
While my lips are stitched, and my tongue got frozen.
Now my dreams, unfulfilled, are mourned in my eyes....
As these words remain untold, hidden beneath my smiles.

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