Tuesday 1 November 2016

It ain't the end

Many a times you think you will get over it.
Life has now pushed you in one deep shit.
You imagine she is the only person who could make your heart beat that way.
Her love for you would never sway.

And one fine day she leaves you with your heart broken.
The person with whom you had your widest smile, coming from her this wasn't a token.
Trust in love goes away.
Trust in people begins to sway.

An inferiority complex haunts you.
You complain,  you cry,  you have no place to devour your Sorrow.
What was your mistake?
Where did you go wrong?

Unanswered,  slowly you begin to accept these are lessons to learn.
Depression takes a toll on your life,  your heart has suffered a deep burn.
Days pass by,  you return back to normalcy.
How you battled those depressing days,  it will be buried in secrecy.

As a year passes by,
You wake up with a bright smile and messages of your friends.
Days start being enjoyable, in your mind she no longer trends.
Her thoughts are no more a pain.

You start living a life finally.
 Loving your friends n family.
Loving yourself for who you are.
Yes,  moving on is hard,  but once you do.
   You become stronger and braver than ever before.

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