Wednesday 8 November 2017

An Encounter

Artwork by- Pritisha Goswami

On the narrow pavement I walk,
This shadow! It must be you!
Too familiar a silhouette,
This gait, so well I know,
Like the fingers of my hand.
It is you! It has to be!
Our encounter after an eternity!

Out of the darkness,
And into the night
You draw closer,
Untill I see,
A face that smiled me a thousand divine smiles,
A mouth that has told me a thousand tales,
It really is you!

The eyes lock like they used to do
My poor heart thuds once in natural accord.
But the flutter?
Has the heart forgotten its chaotic dance?
Where is my stupid ol' smitten smile?
Oh, I can't even feel my silly blush!
In my bag of emotions, panic triumphs!

Where is all that love once too dear? 
You reach closer to my puzzled self,
And I can't feel a thing!
Cupid above, chuckles in glee,
"My sweet child, spare love for today,
Your arrow is marked for another day!"

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