Thursday 9 November 2017

The breeze after the rain.

Pic for Representation purpose

She sat down at her desk,
Watching the raindrops pour,
Little by little the mind wandered,
To all the memories sweet and sour.

She had always longed for the breeze after the rain,
But somehow today it made her sore,
The weather redolent with the smell of pain,
Oh how she could think of it no more!

The joys of the past had turned into anguish,
Yet the flames had decided not to vanish,
The mind knew it was time to forge ahead,
But why did the heart hesitate? 

Surrounded by a pile of unanswered questions,
Entangled by a plethora of thoughts,
She suppressed all of those like ever,
And decided to smile and enjoy the pitter patter.

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