Monday 6 November 2017


-Annisha Kalita.

Pic Credits- Trinayan Das

You and I were running in circles, hand in hand; velvet and tuxedo.But so was time.And it was running out of us.Tick tock.Tick tock."Stop it", I had said, and you pulled me closer and we watched the sky together..Red-gold sky.Golden red.The hundred of birds returning home.Black dots on golden sky.And for a milimoment of all the moments in time, time stopped for us.

We were young, and stupidly drunk in love.We had gotten ourselves matching tattoos, believing that the inked words would last forever.Even if we didn't.

"But we aren't kids anymore.This running around has exhausted me." you said." Take me with you.On the last night of summer, we would ride on that horse and escape our destiny"
"At the break of twilight.." you had promised.

And so we danced around, velvet and tuxedo; wine and laughter, hand in hand.And on the last night of summer, at twilight I looked for you.But you were gone.And  I chased after you,after the only home I thought I had.
Golden black sky.Moonless night.And I found my home at the banks of the river, looking out at the blue-green waters.
" We could make a new home anywhere we go" , I said.
"No.Even birds return home at the end of the day.Go home, love", you said.

Dark sky.Starless sky.Bird-less sky.Where was I all these time, then?

The birds have returned home.And so have I.

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